Tira LED Astron™
Tira LED Astron™
Tira LED Astron™
Tira LED Astron™
Tira LED Astron™
Tira LED Astron™
Tira LED Astron™
Tira LED Astron™

Tira LED Astron™

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¡Combínalo con el proyector Astron™ para obtener el aesthetic perfecto!

Esta tira de luces LED es el complemento perfecto para cualquier decoración del hogar. La cinta flexible de luces se puede colocar debajo o alrededor de muebles y estantes para agregar un hermoso brillo LED ambiental a la habitación. ¡El color de la luz puede cambiar para adaptarse a cualquier estado de ánimo!


  • Rollo de tira LED
  • Cargador y adaptador
  • Control inalámbrico

1. What size of room does it cover?

Astron Projectors are equipped with powerful LED lights and lasers that can project vividly on the walls of rooms over 500sqft.

2. How long does shipping take?

Our shipping takes 7-14 business days. please allow 24-48 hours for processing.

3. Where does it ship from?

Our products are manufactured and shipped from our warehouses in the USA and overseas depending on your location.

4.  How do I track my order?

Please visit our Track My Order Page and enter your provided tracking number.

5. How do I sync my Astron Projector with my music?

Tap the microphone shaped button on the side of your projector and place it directly beside your music source/speaker.

6. I accidentally put my wrong shipping address. What do I do?

Please email our support team as soon as you can to make sure we can update your shipping address before it is sent. support@astronprojector.com

7. Package has "delivered" status but has not arrived.

All orders are provided with tracking numbers that show current updates. If your order has shown it was delivered but has not arrived at your destination, please contact your local postal service to investigate your package.

8. Where do I find my tracking number?

Once you order, you will automatically receive a confirmation order email with your order number and an email providing your tracking number.